Shelburne Orchards

Monday, October 25, 2010

Leaves the color of copper the color of the still

The apple trees have shed their burden.. the leaves are copper-gold.. the cider mill is working over time to fill all the tanks and barrels with cider to ferment for the still.. It’s quiet again in the orchard.. the 8 weeks of harvest are wonderful and.. It’s nice when they are past and we all get to have these wonderful peaceful days of putting the orchard to bed. I want to thank all the people who have made this year the best ever!! I have such an amazing crew of people that work here for me.. Many have left for distant lands and a few are here with me getting ready to hunker down for the winter.. We are getting ready to start the applewood fire that heats the still for making brandy.. Let the snow come!! We can sit by the still fire and re-minis about the year and how it all went.. Play a little music and fill barrels with 120 proof liquid gold.. Life is good.. like me, the golden spirits are aging nicely.. I just turned 60.. I’ve been doing this my whole life.. and it just keeps getting better…