Shelburne Orchards

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Apple Blossoms And Whiskey Barrels

The orchard went into full bloom on May 6th.. This is still early.. maybe a week to 10 days ahead of average. The bloom was beautiful, everything,.. all varieties came out simultaneously. The peaches made it through this winter, and bloomed with their little pink flowers.. plums, pears, and sour cherries.. all full of flowers. Now we just have to make it through the rest of the spring with out any hard freezes. I’m very hopeful. Now on the other subject, I just spent 3 days in Louisville Kentucky at a whiskey distillers convention. I learned many new things and met many other distillers from all over this country.. I can promise everyone that there is no doubt in my mind… I will have some very good apple brandy to sell by the end of 2012.. There is 100 gallons at 120 proof barrel strength in oak barrels now and aging very very nicely.. When the time comes to bottle, I will add water to bring it down to 80 proof, maybe add a little caramelized honey just to take the edge off, and bottle maybe 30 gallons of it. the rest will stay in the barrels for the 10 to 12 year bottling.. I only hope I’m still around for the 20 year …