Shelburne Orchards

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Best Peaches Ever!!!

I think this year we are going to have the best peach crop ever!! We hand thinned every tree. The set this year was so good.. the peaches were clustered like grapes. 15 to 20 per limb. We thinned them back to 2 or 3 per limb. A peach tree will produce a set amount of pounds of peaches in any given season.. so If there are too many, they will be tiny. by thinning the peaches off, we are making room for the remaining peaches to grow bigger. Plus with the hail damage we got this early season, we were able to thin out the hail damaged fruit.

I’m planning on opening them for ”Pick Your own” some time in mid August… I’ll send out an notice on our email news letter on the dates we’ll be open.. If you have ever tasted a tree ripened peach.. you know how good they are.. nothing like what you get in the store.. If someone is eating a peach right off the tree… It’s easy to tell from 1/4 mile away, from their stance…

They are bent over at the waist, leaning way forward…