Shelburne Orchards

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cider Days and Applesauce cake..

The smell of cider is permeating the air..We are starting the process of filling the large fermentation tanks for our brandy operation.. The apples on the trees are thinning out and the season is on it’s final stretch.. This is the time for picking up drops for home applesauce making. They a so sweet.. I’ve heard people say that “Buy Local” means more expensive.. Drops are cheep right now and freezing applesauce in ziploc bags is a great way to preserve apples for the year.. If you have a family to feed, this is the cheapest way to buy and store apples. It doesn’t get better than this.. Applesauce can be used for many things, like on pancakes, for making cake, with pork chops, or just buy itself.. We will be open here at the orchard until halloween.. See you down here..