Shelburne Orchards

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rows of silent beings waiting for their manicure

The copper still is put to bed for the winter. Over 300 gallons of 120 proof brandy from this falls apples are aging in 55 gallon oak barrels in the cellar. Every morning when I wake.. is one more day the clear apple spirit draws the vanilla and caramel flavors from the oak.. turning just a tiny bit more amber and smoother tasting.. Being our second year of distilling we now have barrels marked 2009 and 2010.. with 8, 55 gallon barrels now filled, the cellar is starting to feel like a real cellar. I love to go down, sit quietly and just listen to it age..

It’s time now to prune the trees.. Terry has been pruning since before Christmas.. He’s way ahead of schedule, It’s truly amazing how many trees he can do in a day.. Rob is also pruning trees this winter. With the deep snow, it’s tiring to just get around the trees.. but the light still fades by 5 and I’m happy to get home knowing I’ll sleep really well.. I love these long winter nights..