Shelburne Orchards

Friday, May 20, 2011


Someone must have learned how to rain-dance really well ..and then couldn’t tell when the party was over.. There is no chapter in the book on how to back-step this dance.. There was a window however yesterday and the sun came out. The bees were so happy to fly they were out within seconds.. the flowers opened.. and we had a few hours of magic. We hadn’t seen the sun for so long.. when it finally came out.. everything just shifted into gear. Where-ever I was in the orchard I could hear their buzzing-hum .. Every branch on every tree was filled with bees, not just honey bees.. all kinds of bees. Thursday morning, Chaz Mraz, along with James and Ian from Champlain Valley Apiary delivered 30 hives to us on loan for the duration of the blossom. We do this every year. Actually, Chaz’s grandfather was providing this service to my father before me. After the hives are placed around the orchard, we all have a traditional Pancake breakfast with the old cast iron cook stove that sits out under a porch roof and looks out over the blossoms and the Lake This year, We had my grandson with us.. Little Nicholas (17 months old)… he was pounding down the pancakes with the rest of us.. Then the rain stopped ..the sun broke out, and gloriously the whole orchard buzzed into pollination…