Shelburne Orchards

Monday, May 7, 2012

Early, Frosty Spring

Yes It’s early!! We Started the season off a month early, Now it’s catching up a little and I think we are only 2 weeks ahead of normal. The trees are all in bloom and the bees are busy pollinating them as I type.. We Have had numerous frost and cold weather scares, and.. so far, we’re still good. Terry and I have planted over 300 baby peach trees this spring.. doubling our peach orchard size.

We have been busy filling brandy barrels in the cellar and we now have over 1000 gallons of apple brandy aging in white oak barrels!! Thats both a comfort and nerve-racking.. It’s a comfort to know that there is so much alcohol in the cellar but it’s nerve-racking to think what would happen if there was ever a fire down there.. because my office sits right above it… I would be sent to the moon!!!

We get the question often “when are we bottling brandy again”.. The answer is… no idea!! The longer we wait the better it will be… and for sure I’ll let you know..@$#$%$…