Shelburne Orchards

Cider house Market
Monday, October 14, 2013

Season home stretch

We have the final stretch of the season in front of us.. The apples are holding on in the trees and the cider is flowing from the press.. Donuts are rolling from the Donut house and the wagon rides are filled with happy apple pickers going to and from the apple trees.. I can't remember better weather for harvest time.. It's been glorious here practically every day since the beginning of September. We are busy filling the fermentation tanks for our brandy.. The mixture of apples and pears going into the tanks this year is very exciting. We have 6 varieties of pears and over 10 varieties of apples, including McIntosh, Empire, Mutzu, Road island greenings, Cox Orange Pippin, Roxbury Russet, Ashmeads Kernel, Newtown Pippin, Baldwin and Dolgo crab apples. Truck load Saturday is October 19th.. $50 and you can fill your pickup with drops.. Bring the family and spend the day in the orchard picking the apples from under the trees and go home with all the apples you could ever need for the year.. make apple sauce... press cider or feed the livestock!! It's the best deal anywhere.. and the apples are covering the ground in some places so thick you can sit in one place and fill buckets without moving!! Happy fall!!! Nick