Shelburne Orchards

##apples and pear mix for brandy making
Thursday, November 14, 2013

Brandy season

From where I'm standing, It's a straight shot looking north west 50 miles up lake Champlain. That north wind has nothing to slow it down till it makes landfall on the northern edge of the orchard.. The apple season is over, the trees are going to sleep for the winter, and we are just beginning to gear up for our distilling time.. So let that cold wind blow! We'll be nice and warm sitting by the wood fired still, checking the gauges.. stoking the fire and practicing a few new tunes on the mandolin. It's a good life here in this post harvest time.. It's "Brandy season".. We're hoping to fill 6 more 55 Gallon barrels with 120 proof (barrel strength) brandy.. Yeah!! And I have 9 year old used bourbon barrels from Smith Bowman Distillery to use for this years batch. I can't wait to get started.. .. Nick