Shelburne Orchards

Friday, August 30, 2013

Ode to sour ball Macs…

We are in the early stages of McIntosh greatness!! Every apple has it’s day… and for me McIntosh apples are at their best when they are still sour!! I’m not alone here… Those people who feel the same way are showing up at the orchard these days… “Can I pick Macs?” They ask… and I say… ”Not ready yet”… “then yes, can I pick them?” … anyway… I know from the look in their eyes… They want that pain behind their jaw when they bite into those hard tart not yet ripe McIntosh. Even the hue of green is more olive color…

I love many different varieties of apples and each one has a time that they shine. Some need to wait in storage for a while after they are picked, Some are best when they have sweetened up on the tree. Even from year to year different varieties will stand out from the others just by the various differences in the growing season. I always enjoy this beginning of harvest when I look forward to what this season has in store…


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pick for Your Neighbor

September & October 2012

Vermont Foodbank and Vermont Agency of Agriculture are again sponsoring the "Pick for Your Neighbor" program. People can pick apples at the orchard, purchase them, and then donate them to the program---we'll store them right here and the Foodbank will pick up the apples. Our goal is to donate at least 600 lbs. this year. Thanks for sharing with your neighbors!