Shelburne Orchards

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Terry and I have both been carpenters in past lives.. so working together on this project we instantly revert back to our crude carpenter banter, we take 10 o'clock coffee breaks, something we seldom do while working in the orchard.. and we actually get it right most of the time when one of us hollers out a measurement with 9/16th in it^$%%^$%.. Yeah.. we're that good!!

We are building a new cellar for the brandy barrels. The old one is getting too small and as we keep getting more and more barrels every year, I get more and more afraid of fire.. Being our 5th year of accumulating barrels, We have over 1500 gallons now in oak and it not only represents a big chunk of work and expense.. It's five years of aging that we would never get back.. So the new cellar is built with fire safety in mind.