Shelburne Orchards

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Apple Pie…straight to the heart

Sunday September 26th is “Pie Fest.” This day is all about the Pie baking contest. 30 pies are judged for their filling, crust and overall appearance.. It’s such a wonderful event, There is no entry fee, and the winner takes home not only $200 cash.. but huge fame and bragging rights!!! Oh Yes!! ”Best Pie” winner has every reason to lord over everyone their supreme place in the community!! people should bow as they pass.. If you are the winner of this contest, you can know that without a doubt you have the power to win the heart of whomever you choose.. you will know what it is to be loved in a way few people have known.. you will walk in a realm few people have walked.. I will say no more!!

There is only a few things in this life you will take with you when you go.. this could be one of them…