Shelburne Orchards

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Apples, peaches, seedless table grapes

We have been open now a number of weekends.. The email news letter goes out naming the time for the peach picking.. “Sunday Morning at 11am..not before!!” and when 11 o-clock comes.. the cars are backed up all the way back to Bostwick road. The peaches get picked out in 45 minutes! last Sunday it was over 1000 pounds of peaches that were picked in the first 45 minutes! .. It feels like some kind of happening. It’s fun and almost everyone gets what they came for.. Tree ripened Vermont peaches! It feels so unnatural. Anyway It’s awesome and I just ordered 300 more peach trees to be planted next spring.

Gum drop grapes, We’ve names the ruby red seedless table grapes that are now producing heavily on trellises just south of our store. We keep a bowl of them on the store counter to temp anyone who has come for mere apples and peaches.. What a wonderful thing to be able to walk away with 3 stunning fruits in you basket! We are feeling pretty good about it!! I love it.. I hope the rest of the season goes as well..