Shelburne Orchards

Friday, August 13, 2010

Apples to Apples

Harvest is coming on early!.. The Paula Red apples are ready to pick now.. We are having a good year so far. The Peaches varieties are ripening one after the other .. So we will have perfect peaches right through into September. We will not however be making cider until the McIntosh ripen. I’m sure they will be for Food fest. On the 12th of September.. Along with Cider making comes.. The cider donuts,, everyone is asking me “When are the donuts coming”… “If you climb the tallest tree and look out across the forbidden forest as far as you can see,,, You just might see them… rolling, slowly.. hot and crispy.. in our direction.. and if the breeze is in the right direct.. you can surely smell them…