Shelburne Orchards

Friday, June 15, 2012

Bigger still… smaller still… still good… getting better

From Portugal to Spain, then on to the port of NYC, then Boston for customs… then trucked up to Shelburne Orchards… 650 lbs. of new copper still arriving late June… The Hoga still company has hand hammered me another larger still. The one we have is 400 Liters (100 gal.) The new one is 800 Liters. It’s exactly the same shape but holds more. hopefully this will cut the time we spend in the winter “still sitting”… My quandary is whether or not to sell the smaller one or keep it and run them both… hmm. Two beautiful copper stills running at one time… hmm… Is getting bigger better?…hmm… One thing I do know is that the brandy in the cellar is getting better every day!! There is over 1000 Gallons quietly aging in oak barrels down there. We are coming up on 3 years… only 5 years left for the 8 year bottling!!! (2017)…