Shelburne Orchards

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Business or pleasure?

It’s always been a fine line for me between living my life fully at what turns me on… what fires me up… and what makes sense business wise… In an ideal world these two things are one and the same… But maybe it’s the “real world” that tries to keep them apart… It’s been my experience that truely inspired… creative people are often not the best “business people” and yet it also seems that the exceptionally good business people have this wonderful marriage between both. Myself, I’m not one of these. I think I’m good at some things… but there are big holes where I’m lacking… for instance, when I sit down at my desk to go over my budget stuff, my brain drains right out my seat… I start to sweat under my collar… and if I don’t jump up and start moving around, I have a 50 / 50 % chance of falling asleep… Big hole!! How can anyone run a business with a hole this big?… Well… actually it is very possible… I have been fortunate enough to find the right people to help me. I didn’t think my business could afford to pay anyone enough to help me… but now as I look back, It’s more like how my business could ever have made it without these people… And I want to take the time to thank all these people!! You know who you are… All you people in my life… woking for me here at the orchard…My wife and daughter… Thank you all! My life is full of me doing the things I love to do… and do well… and clearly you are all doing the same… We had yet another “Best Ever Year”… and It would never have happened with out all of you… I love you and I really hope you all feel as blessed as I do to be a part of this wonderful orchard…