Shelburne Orchards

Friday, August 24, 2012

Get ready for donuts

It’s great for me… I get thanked for making our cider donuts every September when we start making them… and then I get thanked again at the end of October when we stop… I don’t know what it is about these little cinnamon sugar coated babies, but we sure do make a lot of them… Right now before the season gets started we are fine tuning the donut machines to run smoothly. We have I think 6 donut robots, all 1960′s era… all ready to go… we only use 2 at once… the others are back up. If we ever had a breakdown and couldn’t make donuts on a busy weekend… we’d have a riot on out hands… Oh yes!! It would get ugly fast!! We’d be in big trouble… So it’s fear alone that get’s me on ebay every winter searching for more used donut making robots… meanwhile we’re set… We have pallets of ingredients coming and cider about to flow… And yes, donut robots oiled, sparkly clean and ready to go…