Shelburne Orchards

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

McIntosh Country… The Sweet and sour

Every apple has it’s time. McIntosh apples are what we grow here better than anywhere in the world!! The climate.. the soils.. The stone walls and covered bridges!! Ok maybe not the bridges. There is no question that these apples are extremely good to eat and to cook with. I think they taste better here in Vermont than anywhere els.. They do have a season however, and I’m going to lay down this rule of thumb. ”Mid-September to Thanksgiving”.. Now! that being said, there is another mini season within this one.. and thats right now. It’s when the Mac is still a little tart.. but the the starch is just starting to turn to sugar.. so there is both sweet and sour at the same time.. this season lasts just maybe 2 weeks.. or until the apple reaches it’s full sugar content. Today is Sept 20th… and Its just starting. 2 weeks will be October 5th.. and that’s about right.. every year the dates will be a little different. It’s this sweet and sour combination time that is truely when McIntosh is in it’s glory. I believe there are few apples anywhere that can come as close to perfection..