Shelburne Orchards

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

No More Food Fest

Yes, It's true, Last year was the last Food Fest after 13 years. The original idea was to get the orchard on the map so to speak and promote local agriculture. All this has happened beautifully. Our intention was never to create such a big event, yet as it grew we loved everybody's enthusiasm and totally enjoyed the big crowds of wonderful people who came. The actual success of the food fest is why we are stopping, It turned into something more than what we wanted to host here in the orchard.. Myself along with the people who work here for me were getting burned out by the event right when our apple harvest is starting. This is the week we would be gearing up for the festival, we are all breathing a lot easier and focusing on a huge beautiful apple crop. So be sure to come down, the apples are ready for picking, the cider is flowing, and the donuts are best ever! .. Nick