Shelburne Orchards

Sunday, June 29, 2014

**Sour is the new sweet!!**

If you have never tasted a fresh sour cherry pie from "just picked" sour cherries.. then never mind.. you will not understand what is about to happen here!! Oh my!! I get it!! I was once one of those people who didn't like cherry pie.. I liked pumpkin and apple and blueberry.. yes.. any kind of pie but cherry. That was because all I ever had was one from a can.. cherries from a can!! Well I'm here to tell you that it's like the difference between real home made spaghetti where the sauce has simmered for hours and the pasta is fresh and the parmesan is grated fresh.. compared to spaghetti from a can!! right?.. there is no comparison . Or a hot fudge sunday where you've baked the brownies all gooey and whipped real cream.. and melted champlain chocolate's dark bittersweet chocolate and drizzled it all over it.. compared to an ice cream sandwich from the gas station.. Or getting a letter from your wife or girl friend from half way around the world instead of her sitting right there next to her in full living color smiling and you reach over and give her a mouth full of fresh sweet!! amazing sweet and sour at the same time!! sour cherry PIE!!!!!! .. OMG!!! Yes it's all about to happen.. right here at Shelburne Orchards.. usually around the week of the 4th of July.. So be sure you are signed up on the email news letter here on our website in the "about us " tab.. cause thats the only way you will know when we are open for picking these little bright red gorgeous beauties.. Nick