Shelburne Orchards

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The peach lottery

We had a perfect winter for peaches.. Warm!! In March I could see the tiny buds start to swell, showing me they survived the winter. I could see all 6 varieties were loaded, every tree I looked at was full of swelling baby peaches. This is extremely exciting and at the same time I know i'm going to be hand thinning for weeks in July and August. Then April comes and delivers another wintery stretch of cold. I believe it went down to 19 degrees F .. just enough to kill peach buds. The one variety that can withstand these temperatures is "Reliance". We have a few peaches this year but not enough for all of you who come for them. If you are on the email news letter, you have already received a notice to sign up for this years "peach lottery".. all the names that signed up are places in"" to be randomly chosen. We will estimate the number of people we want when the peaches are ready and we know more how many we have. The lucky people chosen will receive an email from me telling when we'll open for picking. This feels to us the best and fairest way.. Thank you for being supportive.. Nick