Shelburne Orchards

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The peaches are coming!!

In the years we have peaches, I always feel I’m getting away with something.. Like.. “This is not supposed to happen here”.. Yet.. here they are again! they look beautiful and plentiful.. I’m guessing sometime in mid August for the first variety.. “Reliance”.. then ”Harrows beauty”.. then “Red Haven” ”Crest Haven”..Golden Glorry, and finally “Flaming Fury”.. this brings us well into September. The Apples are also abundant and beautiful.. They have had a good year with all the rain. It’s actually been a very good growing season. Being so wet in the early spring and summer, the orchard is filled with deep ruts in the rows between the trees. I’m going to have to smooth them out before Pick Your Own traffic can navigate through. If I don’t we might gain a good collection of mufflers and tail pipes.. We just finished our sour cherry season.. many people showed up on the day of pick your own for them.. They were picked out in a few hours.. If you are not on our email mailing list, be sure to sign up (on the home page) and you will be notified about all our off season activities…