Shelburne Orchards

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Watching, waiting and tasting!!

All the apples are growing beautifully… The baby trees love the rain and also are growing well… As we dodge hail stones and fend off fungus, caterpillars, dirt bikers and sub dividers… another amazing apple crop is shaping itself up for September harvest season. This orcharding business so get’s into my blood!! There are so many moving parts… so many unknowns… so much to gain … so much to loose… so much time and expense, when any moment hail can rain down and destroy it all… It’s no wonder I’m making hundreds of gallons of apple brandy!! I love summer thunder storms, but they come with this element of dread… So here I am… Watching the apples grow, waiting for the storms to pass… and tasting the various barrels of brandy!! Someones gotta do it!!…