Shelburne Orchards

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Your Own Apple Tree!!

This is the time of year we tree spade up trees to sell.. When I plant trees as whips every spring, I plant 2 and sometimes 3 times as many trees in a row then I plan on ending up with. As the trees grow over the next 5 to 10 years they need to be thinned out to make room for each other.. So I dig every other tree out and sell them to people who want their very own apple tree or trees.. As part of my business, it's been fun helping people around Vermont, actually all over New England.. start small back yard orchards. It feels like they're my children going out in the world. I also get to keep in touch with both the trees and their owners.. I'm always available for free advice.. It's not really work to me as much as it's my interest and the just plain love of it.. I started writing a small booklet on "apple tree care.. The early years" But why do that when I can talk directly to people on the phone.. So once the trees are out of the ground and in their burlap tree balls.. anyone interested in buying one or more of my trees can come on down and go shopping!! Check out our website for varieties and approximate pricing… Nick