Shelburne Orchards

Our Orchard

Our growing program is “Low Spray”.

What this actually means is that I’ve taken the more than 30 years of my experience growing apples from conventional to organic and everything in between and come up with an ever changing approach to apple growing that both allows me to stay in business, and continue to provide the most ecologically friendly, safe eating and cooking apples.

I wish the whole orchard could be organic. I’ve spent many years trying, but I have yet to find a way of making it sustainable.

Early apples include Paula Reds and Ginger gold. Mid season, we have McIntosh, Cortland, Honey crisp, Fuji and Gala. Late season, Empire, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious,, Liberty, Mutzu (Crispin), Northern Spy. Different apples ripen at different times, so feel free to call and see what’s perfect for picking! Honey Crisp are $2.50 per lbs., Northern Spy,and Mutzu are $2/lb—all others are $1.50/lb.

In 1997, we received the first annual Sustainable Agriculture Farm of the Year award.

This award was sponsored by the Vermont Sustainable Agriculture Round Table, with representatives from NOFA Vermont, Center for Sustainable Agriculture, the Women's Agricultural Network, and the Vermont Department of Agriculture. It was an honor to receive this praise from the governor. Part of the criteria is our commitment to the development of low spray, organic practices, and the educational programs we have provided throughout the state.

###In May 6000 apple trees go into bloom! 30 bee hives are brought in to pollinate.

In May 6000 apple trees go into bloom! 30 bee hives are brought in to pollinate.