#22 - Bubblegum Plum Tree - 2.5" Caliper

#22 - Bubblegum Plum Tree - 2.5" Caliper


This is a 2.5” caliper (trunk diameter) Bubblegum Plum tree, also called Toka Plum.

There is a small saw mark at the base of the tree (see extra photo) which is why the tree is discounted.

This is an easy-to-grow fruit that smells and tastes like bubblegum! This heavy-producing tree yields crops of medium-to-large plums. Fruit has reddish-bronze skin and juicy yellow flesh that’s as sweet as candy. Tree has a lovely, erect, vase shape. Originates from South Dakota in 1911. Tolerant of temperatures as low as -50ºF. Cold-hardy. Clingstone. Ripens in July. Best pollinator: Superior Plum, or any Japanese Plum Variety. *Must have a pollinator to produce fruit.

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