#81 - Mutsu, Apple Tree - 2.5" Caliper

#81 - Mutsu, Apple Tree - 2.5" Caliper


This is a 2.5” caliper (trunk diameter) Mutsu apple tree.

*There is some mouse damage on the trunk that has already healed over, and is discounted for it.

These are a wonderful eating and baking apple, that store well and are a beautiful green-gold color with a high orange-red blush. They are on a dwarf rootstock, so they will not get much taller than they are now, which is about 8' - 10' tall. The Mutsu apples have a complex and spicy flavor. This tree is the result of a cross between the Golden Delicious and the sweet Japanese variety apple called Indo. Also known by the name Crispin Apple, the fruit is larger and rounder than Golden Delicious. Resists russeting and is best eaten fresh from the tree. Keeps well in proper storage without shriveling. Originates from Mutsu Province, Japan. Introduced in 1948. Cold-hardy. Ripens in late September or early October. Best pollinators: any Golden Delicious, Stark® Jon-A-Red® Jonathan or Starkspur® Red Rome Beauty.

Description source: Stark Brothers Nursery.

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