11am - 4pm: Taco Truck All Stars serving lunch, The Betty Bar (with delicious Apple Betty and Ice Cream) and the Shelburne Orchards Distillery Brandy Tasting Room Sampling our Pommeau and Apple Brandy!

This weekend the MacIntosh are in the prime! They are big, beautifully red, sweet and just begging to be eaten fresh or made into your grandma’s favorite apple pie! Also for pick your own this weekend we have Empires, Golden Delicious, Liberties, Mutsu (Crispin), Fuji, Macoun, Red Delicious and Cortlands for $1.75/lb. AND there are still some Honey Crisp out there as well for $3/lb.

Our wagon rides will be taking folks out to pick your own and back, the Betty Bar will be open starting at 11am serving Apple Betty with Ice Cream and ‘Quickies’ (donut ice cream sandwiches). The Miso Hungry food truck will be here for lunch, the Brandy Tasting Room will be open both days from 11-5, and there will LIVE MUSIC on Sunday!

We will have CIDER DONUTS, Cider, Ginger Cider, Ginger Jack, hot Cider, and pumpkins! Plus Honey Crisp, Bartlett Pears and Asian Pears pre-picked at the orchard store, as well as several other apple varieties and other orchard store goodies!! COME ON DOWN AND SEE US!


Yes!  We will have bottles and samples of Dead Bird Brandy and Pommeau available to purchase here at the orchard this fall at our brand new Brandy Tasting Room! This is the only place you can purchase these products, so come on over for a visit!