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Shelburne Orchards

trees for sale

trees for sale

Apple, Pear and Plum trees for sale this coming spring. check out our "Trees for sale" tab. There is still brandy left! We have Dead Bird brandy, Pommeau, apple cider vinager, and t-shirts in our Shop. Call first to make a good time to come. 802 985 2753 and leave message.

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The Dead Bird brandy is aged 6 years 8 months in a combination of medium toast Hungarian oak barrels and very old used bourbon barrels. 80 proof 750 ml bottles.$100 per bottle plus tax. The first thing that hits your taste buds is apple, then caramel, then cinnamon/oak/vanilla. Perfect for a winter night! The Pommeau is 49 proof also 750 ml.$80 per bottle plus tax. This is made by forifying fresh apple cider with 2 year old brandy, bringing it up to over 20% alcohol and aging it in oak for 2 or 3 years. The result is a wonderful sweet, appley, port like elixir that has wonderful oaky barrel overtones. It's very easy to drink. beware!!


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