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Shelburne Orchards

Saturday December 16th at 9am, We will be open for our first Dead Bird brandy release. 750 ml bottle of our 6 year old, 80 proof apple brandy. $100 per bottle plus tax and 2 bottle limit per person. Please bring cash or check to keep the line moving. We will also have for sale our house favorite "Pommeau" which is a kind of aged fortified apple port. It's a little sweeter, 49 proof and more apple taste. At $80 per bottle, this is very likely going to be our best seller. We have a 1000 bottles to sell, If we don't sell out on Saturday we will be open again on Sunday from 9 till noon.

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Looking forward to our Dead Bird Brandy release this coming December 16th 9am.. There will be 1000 bottles released that day!


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