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#**Trees for sale.**#

Trees for sale.

Spring here in the orchard means many things.. One of them is digging trees to sell, The trees we plant every year, are spaced 2 sometimes 3 times as many trees in a row that I'll end up with. As they grow I thin them out by digging them with a tree spade. So every year by late April I have 60 to 100 trees ready to sell. I never know exactly which varieties or sizes until I actually dig them. If you are interested, check in with me late April.

We Have large apple trees for sale

Every Spring we dig fully bearing trees to sell. These trees are 6 to 12 years old and will produce apples this fall. Check out our "Trees for sale" section for varieties and approximate prices or leave a message on our phone 802 985 2753 and I will get right back to you … Nick

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New Brandy cellar.. Yes It's all happening!!!

New Brandy cellar.. Yes It's all happening!!!