Shelburne Orchards

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ode to McIntosh

The first McIntosh apple tree came from a farm in Dundas County in Ottawa Canadas in 1811. John McIntosh and his wife found the tree as a sapling growing in the woods near their farm. The apples were so good they moved the tree near their home and enjoyed the apples for years. John's son Allen learned how to graft and propagated the tree in a small nursery. The original tree lived till 1910, the year our first McIntosh trees were planted here at Shelburne Orchards. The rest is history, It's been The most popular apple in the north east ever since. More people come to the orchard looking for McIntosh than any other variety. To this day, it's still my favorite. It does, however, have a season, from early September to late October. There are those people who want them sour, and sour they are at first. Throughout the two-month season they turn from sour to sweet, and it's in this time that McIntosh lovers revel in their glory. When this apple is both sweet and sour at the same time, in my estimation, It's in a class of it's own for both eating and pie making. In our 13 years of hosting Vermont's biggest and most attended apple pie contest, McIntosh is the apple that wins first prize 90% of the time. So, with all the new popular apple varieties now available in stores everywhere, I want to give this apple it's rightful recognition. Thank you John McIntoh for giving us this spectacular apple. Nick