LARGE Apple Trees

We will dig our next batch of trees to sell in the end of April, 2019

Once the trees are dug, we will send out a newsletter with information about when the trees will be available for purchase. We will post a tree list online to purchase (this includes price and variety) and will host an open house at the orchard.


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A Note From Nick (the owner)

Why we are so good at growing apple trees, is mostly because I've been doing this for more years than I can remember. I'm old--which is why I can't remember. We're not just a nursery--We are a thriving, full blown apple orchard that happens to also grow trees to sell. They range in age from 4 to 12 years, are fully bearing, have been pruned, fertilized and have all their shots. These are my kids and I don't want them getting the mumps.

- Nick

How it works

If you are interested in buying a tree, click here to see photographs and prices of the trees currently available for purchase. If you see a tree or many trees you would like to purchase, you can email Tina at to purchase your tree(s) and set up a loading or delivery day. 

We don't take orders before we dig each spring. We dig the trees that are ready to travel, so the available sizes and varieties will change year to year. The trees can range in size from 1 inch. to 4 inch caliper (the caliper is the diameter of the tree trunk at the base of the tree), and range anywhere between $450 to $1500.

Trees will be marked as SOLD after full payment is received. We can't store or be held responsible for these trees once they've been purchased, so please arrange immediate pick up or delivery (see below).

Delivery & Loading Options

So you've chosen your tree(s); the next step is getting them to your planting location.

Come to the Open House, and we will help you load your tree! If you truly, honestly, most definitely can't make it to the open house to get your tree, we guess that's ok. But you will have to schedule a pick up time with us, and we charge a $50 loading fee (there is no loading fee on Open House Day).

You will need to bring your own tarp and tie downs. Landscaping tarps are the kind we suggest.

We can also deliver your trees after purchase. We charge $3 a loaded mile for delivery. For example, if you live 141 miles away in Albany, the delivery fee would be $423 (141 miles x $3). If your planting location is outside of our delivery range, we can provide you with contact information for someone you can hire.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will be responsible for having your tree holes dug and unloading your tree(s) when we arrive at your planting site. A tractor with forks is best; a bucket loader also works; 5 large adults has done the job, but we don't recommend it.